NetSarang Xshell 6 Beta公测版永久免费免破解

NetSarang Xshell 6 Beta Build 0070 —— 一个强大的SSH客户端。

We are excited to announce the Open Beta for Version 6 of NetSarang’s full software lineup! Before we officially release Version 6, we’re allowing users to test out Version 6’s new features for free. No sign-up is required and the Beta is open to everyone.

XShell 6 Beta 主要更新说明
Session Manager
In Version 6, we’ve made some intuitive changes to Xshell’s interface.The biggest change is the introduction of the Session Manager which has its own pane directly within Xshell so users can easily create, edit, and delete session files. Now, all aspects of session management as well as the ability to simultaneously launch multiple sessions can be accessed within Xshell via the Session Manager.


Dockable UI
The Session Manager pane, compose pane, and other panes can be docked in Xshell’s main window. This provides even more functionality to Xshell’s already customizable configuration. Users can simply drag and drop to take advantage of the docking capabilities.



截至2018年01月15日,XShell 6 Beta 上面显示的最新版本是XShell 6 Beta Build 0070。但其实被打包到XManager 6 Beta里的XShell版本号却是XShell 6 Beta Build 0100(这个才是最新,如果是版本强迫症的小伙伴,可以下载XManager 6 Beta,然后只选XShell安装即可)

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